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Can not Claim my dTube account#36


I’ve been on dtube / steemit since 2017 now I have to claim my dtube account in order to keep my username on dtube but it just keep telling me the key is incorrect so unable to do it. Since then I can not upload any video to dtube

a year ago

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a year ago

I’m encountering the same problem, but with me my Dtube account was deleted and resetted back to it’s original setting when I tried to clain it via logging in, so can someone help me out please?

a year ago

The claim period was very short, by design. You can use to get a fresh DTube account, or wait for the main-net, where you will be able to create any username you want for a moderate DTC fee.

7 months ago

Inactive dtube accounts were deleted if you didn’t access it during the claim period. I really wish we were able to have email linked to our account rather than doing security keys…

4 months ago

I totaly agree with you Anonymous, somehow I ended up creating 3 accounts instead of logging into my original dtube account?

4 months ago