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How do I reclaim my lost content/old videos I uploaded?#47

Two years ago I created my Dtube channel after creating my Steemit account, but after leaving it alone for a years because of computer troubles an delays via money troubles, I was able to return to my steemit account, there was an alert to reclaim my Dtube channel (back then all you had to do to login to it is use your steemit username an passward to login to it) but when I went to Dtube via a “claim account” link on my steemit account it said I needed to create a none-steemit supported account on Dtube to link to steemit despite anlready having a channel linkd to steemit, so I went to fixxing the problem, but in the proccess, I didnt do the step 3 of the account I need to put my steem username in ‘My Channel’ -> About -> Edit for your channel to properly display your old videos because of a misshap and now I lost all my content on my old channel, and now I cont find my videos I upladed two years ago, and so does anyone know how to reclaim lost content because this is a serious glitch in steemit/dtube?

For an easier explanation, here is link to an easier version of what I was talking about called “Why is my channel not showing up?”:

a year ago