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Some big bugs to work out#49

Hello! First and most importantly, I cannot get videos to play. The spinning wheel of death just spins away.

Second, when I try to subscribe to a channel, it takes me to a login screen (which I am already logged in). I attempt to login but it proceeds to tell me I am already logged in.

Third, I cannot edit my about area. I am over here from steemit but it’s not pulling my profile pic or about info at all.

Fourth, I uploaded some videos here about a year ago and they don’t appear to be here anymore. I’m assuming there’s an expiration date.

That is all for now. Keep up the good work and get the main bugs fixed!

a year ago
a year ago

same problems here… view month ago my vids on dudeweblogtv all worked

a year ago

Hi, our channel is having the same issue, our videos doesn’t play and we are not findable through the search bar !
Thanks for the help

7 months ago