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Can post any vid from YT???#50

Hello! I have a couple vids on YT and I went to upload a vid here, I saw all I had to do was provide my yt vid link and it posted.

This is very convenient, however, there was no check to see if I owned that yt channel.

This is concerning as anyone can take any vid from YT and post on their account. This can open up the platform to a scourge of spammers, I would think.

There must be a way to authenticate account ownership to be able to post yt vids via link.

a year ago

I think once platform is anti-censorship, this should not never to identify anyone through centralized one (i.e, to asking him for log in by youtube or gmail account which is a centralized platform). If someone were censored on youtube, neither govermnent or someone else shoud to be to indentify him by knowing whose youtube channel he come from. Otherwise, Dtube does not being a anti-censorship by use youtube / gmail API. If a govermnent know it work this way, the people will be catched and censored in the same way by Dtube help; unless don’t upload from youtube.

Instead, i think the youtube video owner once have his autor-righes broken could contact the Dtube and posting a coment or private video on his youtube channel as code previously agreed with Dtube or samething like that.

a year ago