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As i see lot account no have number but i when i create on username it force me must include number in username, and cannot change the username once set. Please change on this

a year ago

It will change on main-net opening. It’s by design because we do not want to give out free ‘good’ usernames during the testnet phase. Creating accounts will not be free on the main-net, and the price will be based on the length of the username (shorter account => more expensive).

7 months ago

And usernames without numbers, are our old users who ported their steem accounts in the short time period where we allowed that.

7 months ago

Yes i understand but my account that is logged in with steamit is in another name from my steamit so am saying my dtube name is not what my steamit is and i bin trying to make it one name as in my steamit but i cant find how to do that blesshead love

5 months ago