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Can't comment#56


Tried to write a comment on under a video, clicked “add a comment”, box disappears, comment doesn’t appear, the page still says 0 comments. Tried that two times with the same text (having saved the text in a text editor as crappy sites + crappy browsers tend to simply forget/loose what I’ve written), same result (which is already dangerous because it could be flagged as spam, two times posting the same text in short succession). On my channel activities, the two comments showed up, for some reason unknown to me my VP were reduced by 92. No error message. Are you using some fancy front-end JavaScript library that works less than regular, standardized, solid, basic, portable HTML forms would? Or what else might have gone wrong when trying to publish the comment?

a year ago


a year ago

I’ve had the same problem.

a year ago

Dtube account pramatm uagar name no sating

10 months ago

Fixed about 2 weeks ago ;)

Sorry for the long-lasting issue. It was a major one but required fixes on the blockchain level

7 months ago
Changed the status to
7 months ago