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New updates and ideas#72

Greetings and blessings to you what happened whdn a video is removed are deleted from YouTube and it was upload to dtube ?😪it shows blank and says video not available thdts not good are look good either pleas add a delete video button somewhere in editing pleas .am from Jamaica my name is Adrian Dias why is it so difficult to change user name ? I didn’t check i just chink of this now it would be nice to have playlists we can create this site dtube is very good i love it how its possible to make an income on dtube about playlist it could have followers are subscribe that get notifications of mew add and such make it be a way for listeners to earn an income there it’s for all to use but ist mainly for listeners make them in categories like music chart comedy ect it would be great if we could prefer a friend and earn a reward make the best playlist ever make it so we can edit it put a cool pic on the cover vote too make it in a way we can add other people to manage playlist in playlist add a section that can display links website social media and such when someone adds someone else contact thay get a notification to confirm are not makebit in a way so playlist oner and connect onr earn money. Blesshead love

4 years ago